How to Establish a Company

How to Set up Companies in Hainan

Hainan has fully implemented the online process for company registration. Through the Hainan Commercial Entity Registration Platform (Hainan e-Registration), various procedures for company establishment can be completed online, including name reservation, registration, seal engraving, application for general invoices, and social security registration.

Application methods:

1. Online application: Hainan Commercial Entity Registration Platform (Hainan e-Registration) website:

2. Application on mobile platform: Download the "Hainan e-Registration" app on your smartphone.

Independent application method:

Applicants can log in to the "Hainan Commercial Entity Registration Platform (Hainan e-Registration)" or download the mobile app to submit their applications independently.

Registration process:

Name pre-approval via Hainan e-Registration -- Document submission -- Approval and license issuance -- Seal engraving and filing -- Bank account opening -- Tax registration and assessment.

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